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Have you ever seen a baby drinking energy drinks? I can tell you, bad things happens. The get super violent and battle each other. The energy drinks have crazy effects on the babies and some of them develop magical powers. Do you dare to give your baby energy drink and fight? There is an endless amout of CULT for everyone btw!

Player 1 controls:

  • Move: UP, LEFT, RIGHT
  • Primary Attack: COMMA (,)
  • Secondary Attack: PERIOD (.)

Player 2 controls:

  • Move: R, D, G
  • Primary Attack: Q
  • Secondary Attack: A

Energydrinks will drop randomly and each energy drink has a unique ability.

  • Wonster: You turn into a monster and are now able to spit a slimeball towards your opponent that will disapear after a few seconds.
  • Red Cow: You get wings that can generate a gust that pushes your enemy. The gust will only disappear when it hits an enemy.
  • Fooster: You fart aggresively and make a powerful dash forward.
  • Fire: Gives you the abilty to cast a fireball towards your enemy. It disappears after a few seconds or when it hits an enemy.

Made by team amminiti (Nicolaj Østerby, Christopher Buchardt, Mikkel Kuntz, Amanda Niess) to Create Jam Fall 2018


desktop-1.0.jar 56 MB

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